What is SEO? | SEO Real Definition In Easy Words | Learn SEO

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My today's goal is to discus about Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO, first of all I wanna tell you that "What is SEO?"
Realy SEO is the level of knowledge of Webmasters and the experience of the Web, which shows the psychological thinking of webmasters about a person setting in their home and want to search for their desired things in a search engine.
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Basic Types Of HTML Tags In Urdu | Learn HTML In Urdu Online

In this lecture we will get the knowledge about Basic Types of HTML tags in Urdu, because it is very important to us that we learn about HTML tags first, then we will be able to work on HTML and their keywords. You should deeply study the given lecture in Urdu, after that you will be able to step up to next lecture. So, dear user, study below lecture in Urdu about Basic Types of HTML tags.
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List Of HTML5 Remove Elements | List Of New HTML5 Removed Tags

HTML5 Removed Elements Tags

HTML5 removed elements and tags are everyday search by lot of Web-Designers and Developers, because they want update their-self with the new version of HTML that is HTML5. A question, which comes in the mind of Web-Designers and Developers that  is "What are HTML5 removed elements or tags?".

Here are a few elements(tags) that were used in previous versions of HTML. But now that they were removed from HTML5. The elements(tags) are as follows. Those elements are as follows, you should keep in mind the below tags that you never use them again.
  • <acronym>
  • <applet>
  • <basefont>
  • <big>
  • <center>
  • <dir>
  • <font>
  • <frame>
  • <frameset>
  • <noframes>
  • <strike>
  • <tt>
We will not ever use those tags which have been removed from HTML5. Because soon, web browsers will not support them.
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What Are HTML Tags | Define HTML Tags

Tag is a special keyword or tags are reserved words of HTML enclosed in angle brackets "<>", which we use to create and organize web pages. Also HTML tags are known as HTML elements.
Special type of words used in HTML within the less-than "<" and greater-than ">" signs which we use to compose a well organized document of HTML are called tags. Some of tags are given below for your better understanding, you should deeply study it.

<html> ................................................ </html>
<body> ............................................... </body>
<h1> ................................................... </h1>
<p> ..................................................... </p>
<img />
<br />

While working with HTML; whenever we want to use HTML tags, we will use angle brackets surround it otherwise it will considered as normal text typed on that document.

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Learning Free HTML Tutorial Online In Urdu | HTML In Urdu

Index Of Learning HTML in Urdu

  1. Definition of HTML in Urdu, What is HTML in Urdu?
  2. What are HTML Tags in Urdu?
  3. Basic Structure of HTML Tags.
  4. Basic Structure of HTML Tags While Creating a Web Page.
  5. Understanding <b> Bold, <i> Italic, and <u> Underline Tags.
  6. Difference and Use of <p> Paragraph and <br /> Breaking  Tags.
  7. Working and Understanding Heading <h#> Tags.
  8. Changing Font, Text Color, and Text Size Using <font> Tag.
  9. Changing Font, Text Color, and Text Size Without Using <font>.
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What Are HTML Tags | Learn HTML Tutorial In Urdu Online

Dear User !
         In this lecture you will learn about "What are HTML Tags in Urdu language" online, lot of students are in search for better definition of tag in HTML in Urdu, huge amount of webmasters and computer instructors are working with online HTML training in Urdu, but there are many points on which they do not consider or they are unable to describe properly according to students' need. In this post you will learn about "What are HTML tags in Urdu" in deep. You have to deeply study the below article written is Urdu, if you feel difficulties while learning HTML in Urdu about definition of HTML tags, so feel free to give comment below the post.

What Are Html Tags In Html In Urdu Learn Html In Urdu Online

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What Are Prime Numbers | Definition Of Prime Numbers

What are Prime Numbers?

Definition Of Prime Numbers and Set Of Prime NumbersPrime Numbers is an integer that has no integral factors but itself and 1, also we can says that a number which can be divided by itself and 1 are called Prime Numbers. Below is the set of Prime Numbers.

{2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, ...}

For Example:
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 etc. are Prime Numbers
2 can be divided by 2 or 1.
3 can be divided by 3 or 1.
5 can be divided by 5 or 1.

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What is HTML | HTML Definition In Detail

Learning Free HTML Online Step By Step With Practical Introduction
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, we can say that HTML is a web level language developed by Sir. Tim Berners-Lee (Born in 1955) to create and easily manage web pages, he also worked with many projects on Internet and Networking to improve the Web and design it more smartly.


In easy words, we can say that HTML is an interpreted (Compiled) language use with their own Tags to create web pages and other information that can be displayed in any web browser, also we can say HTML is standardized system of text marking file to use and get the benefits of fonts, colors and graphics, hyperlinks  and now the multimedia data.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a computer language, which is use to create web pages, also it provides the base for all the web level and scripting languages, which woks with tags.

What we need to Work with HTML?

If you decide to work with HTML to create a web page, you do not need to install any extra software on your PC, you just need to use two built-in software as given below:
Notepad Image Icon Learning What is HTML FreeText Editor: The notepad, which is already available in your operating system. But, later we will chage it according to our need and improvement.

Browsers Google Chrome Mozila FireFox IE Learning HTML FreeBrowser: The Internet Explorer is available in your Windows, but I will recommend you that you should use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Note: Whenever we would work on HTML, so the software mentioned above we will keep open on our Computer screen, the Text Editor (Notepad) and the Web Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox anyone of them).
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What Is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) In Urdu

In this post you will learn about HTML in brief in Urdu language as huge amount of students are search for basic and briefly explained HTML Tutorials in Urdu for free. For those who want to learn HTML in Urdu as easy as they want. Study below if you want to learn HTML in Urdu and give smart comments about this class.

Learning Free HTML Tutorial in Urdu Step by Step By Shahid Afridi Class 1-1
Learning Free HTML Tutorial in Urdu Step by Step By Shahid Afridi Class 1-2
What is Tag in Urdu | Learn HTML Online in Urdu
Learning HTML in Urdu online Note Class 1
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Online Earning Methods in Urdu

Online Earning Money Methods In Urdu Pakistan | How To Earn Online In UrduIn this post you will learn about Online Earning Methods in Urdu with deep explanation and you will be taught about different ways of earning online in Urdu. And be informed about the different companies that offer the opportunity to work online. Also you will taught that there are how many was through which you can earn money online, because lot of people and those who already attach with field of computing, they all want to learn Online Earning Methods in Urdu ant want to work from their home. So, dear user, kindly study below article written in Urdu for the purpose of Online Earning Methods in Urdu, I hope will get benefit of Online Earning Methods in Urdu.


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Learning Word 2007 Tutorial in Urdu | How to Open Word 2007

Dear Use, In this video you will learn; How to open MS Word 2007 in your computer in Urdu training.

Note: Please suggest me that how am I working and what should I do for more beautiful performance. And comment me that; did you learn something? My voice has become easier to understand?
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Learn MS Word 2007 Tutorial in Urdu | What is MS Word in Urdu

Dear User, In this video you will learn about; what is MS Word and how we can introduce MS Word to some one in Urdu in some easy to understanding steps and in soft sounds quality.

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How to Install Office 2007 in Urdu

Dear User !
   Follow below video to learn MS-Office 2007 Installation in Urdu with high quality video, also you can learn office 2007 online in Urdu tutorial form http://www.shahidafridionline.com.

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How to Install any Software

Below is Installation procedure of particular software.
Install Office 2007 Tutorial in Urdu
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