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Dear Users !
I am SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI, a student of B.S. Computer Science at Virtual University and I have been instructing computer as a Professional Instructor since January 28, 2002. I stepped into computer field on May 16, 1997. Due to these facts and figures I have been in computer field for the last 15 years. With enthusiasm and keen interest I have been appreciated at many stages for my teaching skills which is almost 10 years.

A teacher always builds a sincere and qualified generation and I have done the same. In my 10 years teaching experience I have educated many students regarding computer science and information technology. Students, whether educated or uneducated are equally trained by me and there are many students who even did not know of computer but they have been trained and they are serving now because of my hard work and sincerity.

In my 10 years experience of teaching I have observed many students' mind and I have come to know how to make them learn. Now, I have decided to share my knowledge through Web in order to avail my knowledge to everyone even those who do not have access to have a professional teacher at ease. Those who are unable to go here and there to seek I.T. they have a very good opportunity to learn at home through my tutorial which are explained as easy as ABC. Now do not feel you are without teacher, you are now with teacher through Video Tutorial available on www.shahidafridionline.com because I would create such environment that you would not feel yourself alone.

I can serve you in the listed languages:

  • Pashto
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Russian

So be the first because the early bird catches the worm !

I hope I would find you friendly. Keep visiting.

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